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Acquired unit- One Broken (but clean) NES. [Feb. 22nd, 2003|05:54 pm]
Project: Ultra NES


[mood |jubilantjubilant]
[music |Dance Dance Revolution - Stomp to My Beat]

Hi Chris. =)

I left work and checked Hiawatha Video. They had -one- NES in stock for 79.99. As you know, I called you on my cell afterwards to inform you.

I went home and picked up Sam, as she was to accompany me to Big Mike's Swap Shop and Comix Zone to check for Samus Bobbleheads/figures and NESes.

We hit Big Mike's first. Asked about their systems. The guy said he didn't have any NESs. Shoot.

"Ahh well.. Thanks anyhow.." I say as me and Sam turn to leave.
"Well, we have -one-, but it doesn't work."
"...Can I see it?! It doesn't matter if it doesn't work! o.o!"
"..Well, sure.. What're you gonna use it for?"
"My boyfriend's gonna gut it and turn it into a Computer."
"..Well, here you go. Consider it a gift. ..I sure wanna see this when it's done..."
"No problem, see ya!"

Later Sam was saying "I don't believe it! You always tell me stories of how you manage to get free shit, and now I've seen it right infront of me! Why can't people give ME their old used shit?!"


Anyhow, I've cleaned the thing off. It has a few scuffs and scrapes, but otherwise it's in near mint condition.. =) Now all you need to do is visit, and you can take it back with you then. =) Ok, that's the end of this post. Bye!