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PSU [Feb. 24th, 2003|02:16 pm]
Project: Ultra NES


Well, I have narrowed my choices down for the power supply.

FlexATX 120w PSU, cooled by 60mm Fan
Dimensions 190mm x 42mm x 90mm. The fan on the side protrudes 7mm.

External 230v to 12v transformer. 55w PSU
Uses no fans, so noise is not an issue! No added heat.
Board size is 160 x 45mm .

Ok, price isn't an issue, both cost about the same. Watt amount really doesn't matter. 55 would be enough, but ti would close. I am figuring by the time I am done, I will be eating about 40w-45w

The internal is a true PSU, I would trust it more. But then again, laptops use externals like the one I am looking at. Both have pros and cons.

Internal - Pros: Reliable, more power, trusted.
- Cons: Slightly bigger, added heat, I lose the look of an adapter plugging into the back of the system versus a computer power plug.

External - Pros: Small, no heat, no fan, authentic look.
- Cons: Risky, low power rating, unrated.

Poll #105667 Ultra NES - PSU

Which PSU do you recommend?

120w Internal
55w External

[User Picture]From: ballade
2003-02-24 12:28 pm (UTC)
That vote was for blues. He bases it on ease of transport.
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